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The Orient School Uniforms Supplier and Manufacturing Company in Dubai, UAE

In the heart of Dubai, a city known for its blend of tradition and modernity, there exists a company that mirrors this duality. As a leading school uniforms supplier and manufacturing company, we pride ourselves on crafting uniforms that are both timeless and contemporary.

Our collection is vast, ensuring that every school's unique requirements are met with precision and style. From the classic polo shirts (short or long-sleeved) to the crisp button-down shirts (white or colored), our attention to detail is unparalleled. For our young ladies, we offer elegant pleated skirts or skorts, while the boys have a range of trousers or slacks tailored to perfection.

No uniform is complete without the finishing touches. Our blazers or jackets with school emblems are meticulously designed, ensuring that every student wears their school's badge with pride. The school ties or cravats add a touch of sophistication, while our vests or sweater vests and jumpers or pinafores for girls bring warmth and comfort.

Understanding the diverse needs of schools, we also offer casual wear (for schools without uniforms or on designated days):. This range includes everything from T-shirts (plain or with school logos) to jeans or casual trousers. For those cooler days, our hoodies or sweatshirts are a popular choice, and our leggings or jeggings for girls offer both style and comfort.

Footwear: is an essential component of any uniform. Our collection of school shoes (typically black or brown leather shoes) ensures durability and comfort. For more relaxed days or sports activities, our sneakers or trainers are ideal. We also offer a variety of socks (white, black, or matching the school colors) and tights or knee-high socks for girls.

For Physical Education (PE) or Gym Wear:, we have a dedicated line that includes sports t-shirts or jerseys, athletic shorts, track pants or sweatpants, sports shoes or trainers, and sports socks. These are designed to offer maximum comfort during physical activities.
In the cooler months, our winter wear: collection becomes essential. From school sweaters or cardigans to winter jackets or coats, we've got students covered. And for those especially chilly days, our scarves, gloves, and hats provide that extra layer of warmth.

Our range of accessories: is just as comprehensive. School backpacks or bags, lunch bags or boxes, caps or hats for sun protection, and hairbands, hair ties, or clips (for girls with longer hair) are all available in various styles and colors.
Lastly, for those special school moments, our special attire (for specific events or activities): line offers choir robes or outfits, costumes for school plays or events, and club or team jerseys.

In conclusion, as Dubai's Orient school uniforms supplier and manufacturing company, we are committed to ensuring that every student feels confident and proud in their uniform. Our dedication to quality, style, and comfort is what sets us apart. Choose us for a seamless and stylish school uniform experience.

List of School Uniforms and Accessories

  1. We offer the following categories uniforms for schools. These uniforms are in cotton, poly cotton, visocse, polyester and other sustainable fabrics.

    1. Uniforms:

      • Polo shirts (short or long-sleeved)
      • Button-down shirts (white or colored)
      • Pleated skirts or skorts for girls
      • Trousers or slacks for boys
      • Blazers or jackets with school emblems
      • School ties or cravats
      • Vests or sweater vests
      • Jumpers or pinafores for girls
    2. Casual Wear (for schools without uniforms or on designated days):

      • T-shirts (plain or with school logos)
      • Jeans or casual trousers
      • Hoodies or sweatshirts
      • Leggings or jeggings for girls
    3. Footwear:

      • School shoes (typically black or brown leather shoes)
      • Sneakers or trainers (for casual days or physical education)
      • Socks (white, black, or matching the school colors)
      • Tights or knee-high socks for girls
    4. Physical Education (PE) or Gym Wear:

      • Sports t-shirts or jerseys
      • Athletic shorts
      • Track pants or sweatpants
      • Sports shoes or trainers
      • Sports socks
    5. Winter Wear:

      • School sweaters or cardigans
      • Winter jackets or coats
      • Scarves, gloves, and hats (in colder regions or as per school guidelines)
    6. Accessories:

      • School backpacks or bags
      • Lunch bags or boxes
      • Caps or hats for sun protection
      • Hairbands, hair ties, or clips (for girls with longer hair)
    7. Special Attire (for specific events or activities):

      • Choir robes or outfits
      • Costumes for school plays or events
      • Club or team jerseys


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