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Orient Uniforms LLC, top Uniforms Suppliers Dubai, Wholesale and Manufacturer Corporate, Medical, Hospitality, School, Security, Construction Labor, Retail, Sports, Gym, Salon, Spa Factory, Industrial, Culinary Customized Uniforms and T-shirts in Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Alain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm al Quwain – UAE.

In Dubai, uniforms are important for many jobs.Orient Uniforms International LLC is a big name when it comes to making these uniforms. We make, sell, and supply uniforms for all kinds of work – like offices, hospitals, hotels, and schools.

We focus on making good quality uniforms that are comfortable to wear and look nice. Because We make the uniformsthemselves, We can check and make sure everything is perfect. We also sell uniforms in large numbers to businesses, offering good prices. We have been doing this for many years and know what customers want. If you're in Dubai and need uniforms for your team, Orient Uniforms is a great choice.


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  • Offers corporate uniforms tailored to various industries.
  • Focuses on understanding industry-specific requirements and challenges.
  • Services include design, production, embroidery, and tailoring.
  • Recognized as a leading uniform provider in Dubai and the UAE.
  • Caters to corporations, airlines, hotels, and schools.
  • Emphasizes quality, consistency, and timely delivery.
  • Values material selection, design customization, and customer feedback.
  • Specializes in custom uniform manufacturing.
  • Boasts a team with years of experience and emphasizes efficiency.
  • Offers a wide range of product categories, including corporate, medical, and household uniforms.
  • Located strategically in Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai - UAE.

Orient Uniforms Categories Areas

One of the top uniform suppliers in Dubai offer specialized services, with each emphasizing quality, customization, and industry-specific solutions.

Corporate Uniforms: These are used by professionals in the corporate sector, including banks, offices, and other business establishments. They often include suits, blazers, shirts, and trousers tailored to reflect the company's brand image.

  1. Medical Uniforms: With a growing healthcare sector, medical uniforms like scrubs, lab coats, and nurse uniforms are in high demand.

  2. Hospitality Uniforms: Dubai's booming tourism industry requires uniforms for hotel staff, chefs, waiters, and other hospitality professionals.

  3. School Uniforms: With numerous international and local schools, school uniforms, including shirts, trousers, skirts, and blazers, are widely sold.

  4. Security Uniforms: Security personnel in malls, hotels, and other establishments wear specific uniforms to be easily identifiable.

  5. Airline Uniforms: Given Dubai's status as a major global aviation hub, uniforms for airline staff, including pilots, cabin crew, and ground staff, are essential.

  6. Construction and Labor Uniforms: Given the ongoing construction projects in Dubai, there's a demand for durable uniforms for laborers and construction workers.

  7. Retail Uniforms: Staff in retail outlets, supermarkets, and malls wear uniforms to represent the brand they work for.

  8. Sports and Gym Uniforms: With a growing emphasis on fitness, uniforms for gym trainers and sports teams are also popular.

  9. Salon and Spa Uniforms: Professionals in the beauty and wellness industry, including hairstylists, beauticians, and spa therapists, require specific uniforms.

  10. Public Service Uniforms: This includes uniforms for public transport staff, municipality workers, and other public service professionals.

  11. Event and Promotional Uniforms: For events, exhibitions, and promotions, staff often wear uniforms that reflect the theme or the brand being promoted.

  12. Factory and Industrial Uniforms: These are designed keeping in mind the safety and functional requirements of workers in factories and industries.

  13. Culinary Uniforms: Apart from the regular chef coats, this category includes aprons, hats, and other kitchen-specific attire.

  14. Customized T-shirts: For events, team-building activities, or brand promotions, customized T-shirts with logos and designs are quite popular.

It's worth noting that the quality, design, and functionality of these uniforms vary based on the requirements of the specific sector and the preferences of the businesses or institutions in Dubai.

The Significance of Uniforms in Dubai

The Dubai city, a shimmering beacon of modernity and luxury, has a rich tapestry of traditions. Among these, the significance of uniforms stands tall. But why are uniforms so important in this bustling metropolis?

A Brief History of Uniforms in Dubai

Historically, uniforms in Dubai were a symbol of unity and discipline. From the traditional attire of Emiratis to the modern-day corporate wear, uniforms have always played a pivotal role in the city's cultural and business landscape.

The Role of Uniforms in Branding and Identity

Ever noticed how you can instantly recognize a McDonald's employee or a police officer? That's the power of uniforms. In Dubai, with its plethora of businesses, uniforms help brands stand out, fostering a sense of trust and professionalism.

The Different Sectors Requiring Uniforms

 From hospitality to healthcare, various sectors in Dubai rely on uniforms. They not only ensure consistency but also adhere to the city's standards of presentation and professionalism.

Exploring the World of Uniform Suppliers

 With the demand for uniforms being so high, there's a myriad of suppliers catering to this need. But how do they differ?

Wholesale Uniforms: The Bulk Solution

 For large organizations or those on a budget, wholesale uniforms suppliers in Dubai offer the perfect solution. They provide quality at competitive prices, especially when ordered in bulk.

Designer Uniforms: The Touch of Elegance

 For brands that wish to make a statement, designer uniforms are the way to go. These are not just clothes but a reflection of a brand's ethos and values.

Customized Uniforms: Personalized for Precision

 Some brands have very specific needs. For them, customized uniforms suppliers in Dubai offer tailored solutions, ensuring every detail is just right.

The Process of Uniform Making

 Ever wondered how your uniform is made? Let's delve into the fascinating world of uniform making.

Material Selection: The Foundation of Quality

 The choice of material can make or break a uniform. It determines its comfort, durability, and overall look. Suppliers in Dubai ensure they choose the best, keeping the city's climate in mind.

Stitching and Crafting: The Art Behind the Uniform

 Once the material is chosen, skilled craftsmen get to work. Their expertise ensures that the uniform is not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Quality Checks and Assurance

 Before the uniform reaches you, it undergoes rigorous quality checks. This ensures that what you wear is nothing short of the best. 

How to Choose the Best Uniform Supplier

 With so many options, how do you choose the right supplier?

Research and Reviews: The Initial Step

 Start by reading reviews and doing thorough research. This will give you a fair idea of what to expect.

Sample Testing: Seeing is Believing

 Always ask for samples. This way, you can check the quality firsthand.

Cost vs. Quality: Striking the Right Balance

 While cost is important, never compromise on quality. After all, a good uniform is an investment.


Uniforms are more than just clothes; they are a reflection of a brand's identity and values. In Dubai, with its diverse business landscape, the right uniform can set you apart. So, whether you're a business owner or an individual, always choose the best when it comes to uniforms


  1. Why are uniforms important in Dubai?
    • Uniforms play a crucial role in branding, professionalism, and adhering to the city's standards.
  2. How do I choose the right material for my uniform?
    • Consider the nature of the job, the city's climate, and the comfort of the wearer.
  3. Are designer uniforms expensive?
    • While they might be pricier than regular uniforms, they offer uniqueness and a touch of elegance.
  4. How often should uniforms be replaced?
    • It depends on the wear and tear, but generally, uniforms should be replaced every 1-2 years for optimum presentation.
  5. Can I get a uniform customized to my brand's colors and logo?
    • Absolutely! Many suppliers in Dubai offer customization options to cater to specific brand needs.